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It may not seem like it, but there are many ‘sick’ of mechanical keyboards around the world. They are people who accumulate keyboards in drawers and take them out to use them depending on the task they play or the mood of each moment. And I am one of those people.

So when I had the opportunity to order the Logitech G Pro X to review, I did not doubt it not so much because I had the experience with yet another mechanical keyboard, but because it has something that makes it quite unique: the possibility of changing both the keycaps and the switches themselves.

And, with this in mind, we share our experience with this Logitech mechanical keyboard after spending many hours both playing and, above all, typing.

Logitech G Pro XDimensions361 x 153 x 34 mmWeight898 gramsKeys86 mechanical keys | 12 programmable function keys | Response 1 millisecond Red switches Actuation at 1.9 mm | 50 gram actuation force | 4mm travelBlue switches2mm actuation | 50 gram actuation force | 3.7mm travel Brown switches 1.9mm actuation | 50 gram actuation force | 4mm travelCompatibilityPlug & Play | Software compatible with W7 onwards and macOS 10.11 onwardsCable1.8 meters | Braided | microUSB 2.0 with anchor protectionRGB lighting on each keyPrice155 euros

Analysis sections of the Logitech G Pro X TKL:

Body lacking, but with very well thought out elements

Let’s start with the design, since it does not attract attention, precisely, but that has well thought out details. This, obviously, does not take us by surprise considering that we are talking about a company that moves like a fish in water in this segment.

The keyboard is constructed of plastic and it has dimensions of 351 mm long by 153 wide and with a thickness of 34 mm (Only the plastic base, since the keys and pins that raise the keyboard increase this figure considerably).

The bottom cover has a striped design that is elegant, but we do not care a bit because we will never see it. What is important are the restraints. And it is that, has five huge rubber pads that prevent the keyboard from moving.

This is essential in any case, but more so on a keyboard like this that will see the “world” and in competitions it is placed in a position … and it is important that it does not move. It has two double pins, also with good rubber bands and with two possible positions depending on whether we want a medium or higher height.

The keyboard perimeter is also plastic with a gloss black finish and on the top side we have a microUSB 2.0 slot with two tabs that serve to anchor the integrated cable.

Yes, we can extract the cable, which is always a plus in mobility, and use the one we want, but yes, if we do not have the official one, it can be separated if we hit a pull. I like that it is mesh and that it measures 1.8 meters, since it is more than enough.

Let’s move on to the top where we stand 86 mechanical keys that are arranged in a TK formatL, or what is the same, without a numeric keypad.

This goes in taste, but it is the format that I like the most. I have several keyboards both TKL and 60% and complete and the most ‘off-road’ is the TKL, since it has all the necessary keys without sacrificing size, but without the extra space on the right for the ‘calculator’.

The weight is 898 grams and it seems high considering the use of the keyboard and that we do not have metal parts, but in the end it does not bother me too much. I have traveled with it and it does not ‘weigh’ in the backpack, but I do think that a negative point is that it does not include a carrying bag in the box.

The plastic is of quality and the keys are ABS, also very well finished although, yes, for the price of the keyboard I would have liked them to be PBT, Oh well. At the top we have the Logitech logo and two buttons, one for game mode and another to turn the RGB lighting on or off.

I think this part adds some unnecessary space to the keyboard, which could have been more compact if those action buttons were second actions of some key, like F1 or F2, but hey.

Speaking of second functions, we have multimedia keys in the upper left as ‘Fn’ functions of the F9 keys to the left. And, as you can see, the layout is Spanish with the intro very big, as we like it around here.

In the end, it is a sober design, which looks good on the desktop and, after weeks of writing on it, it seems like the first day.

Switches ‘hot swap’, which means that you can change the keycaps and the switches themselves

The most interesting point of the analysis of this Logitech G Pro X is the switches. This is true of practically any mechanical keyboard, but here Logitech has given a twist that begins to make you understand why there is no carry case or why the keys are ABS.

And, the strong point of this keyboard is the possibility of changing the switches without having to buy another keyboard. Buying a mechanical keyboard is a multi-year commitment. They cost a lot of money, there are different types and we have to think very well with which switches we want to marry.

And not only are there different switches with their particularities, but there are several brands on the market and the Gateron Blue ones are not the same as the Kailh, Otemu or Cherry Blue ones, among others. And the typing experience is different both between different brands and between different switches.

We can buy this keyboard with Kailh Red, Blue or Brown switches. In particular, and it is something quite widespread, the Reds are the best to play because they are faster, they do not make noise and they are linear. That is, they do not have a tactile response.

I like the Blues better for writing because they are harder, it is a very rewarding experience, but they make a lot of noise. And the Browns are tactile too, but they are halfway in the reaction between the Reds and the Blues.

As I say, I have several keyboards at home with different switches, but if you are not sick, like me, the most normal thing is that you have only one keyboard. Well, This Logitech lets you have all three switches experience because we can hot swap them, without having to solder absolutely anything on the keyboard board.

My unit is with Blue switches, but with the tool that comes in the box we can remove both the keycaps and the switch itself, seeing the board and being able to buy other compatible switches to be able to mount them.

Logitech itself sells switch packs, but we can build any Kailh that we buy in any store. We simply remove the keycaps, extract the switches and change them for Red or Brown.

Spending some time assembling this ‘LEGO’, we will have a totally different experience. And, as I say, it is the main point of this keyboard.

A control center that works with Windows and Mac

Before telling you about our experience, let’s talk about the software. Obviously, as with any peripheral, we have a Plug & Play experience, which means that we are going to connect the keyboard via USB to the PC or Mac and it will work perfectly.

However, if we buy an advanced keyboard or mouse, the logical thing is to try to get the most out of it thanks to the manufacturer’s software, and here we have good news. While in Razer we find an application for Mac that does not work, in Logitech we have a program compatible with both Windows and Apple computers.

Yes, we are not going to play on a Mac and maybe this keyboard does not make much sense on a Mac, but if you want it to type, you should know that you will be able to configure both the lighting (if not, it stays in constant rainbow mode) as other parameters.

This app, called G Hub, will allow us to change everything related to lighting with different preset parameters, but also giving full control to change the RGB lighting of each key.

The most interesting, however, are the customizable keys and assignments that will allow us to create macros and change actions very, very easily. On Mac, they also adapt to the command key.

In game mode, which is activated by a key, the keys that are disabled like Windows are displayed. Manually we will be able to deactivate other keys, which is very interesting.

It is a functional software that is not heavy and that runs in the background without consuming too many resources.

Experience with blue switches

And at this point, I must say that the experience these weeks working and playing with the Logitech G Pro X has been very, very good. I think that the keycaps, although they are ABS, have a good touch with a fair roughness and the truth is that it does not trap too much the natural greasy of the fingers.

The curvature of the keycap, as well as its fall, allows the experience to be good and we are not going to accidentally press two keys at the same time.


In games like Overwatch or CS: GO NKR technology greatly appreciated and the experience in these titles is satisfactory, yes, but if you are going to buy it just to play, I would choose the red switches.

To write, it is true that the noise is high, but I like the touch and the response of the Blue switches, so they are perfect for my day to day.

Of course, I think there is a small space between when we press the key and feel the tactile response that should not be there, but it is that more … ‘rubbery’ experience of the Kailh switches.

The customizable lighting is nice, the creation of macros also seems successful to me and the multimedia keys are visible without problem, although I would have preferred that, instead of an opaque sticker, they were symbols injected into the key with transparency so that it is also illuminated, something key if we play in the dark.

Ideal for those of us who get tired of always using the same switches

I love mechanical keyboards and have several at home. The reason is that, depending on the task, the mood or what I feel like, there are days when I prefer a 60% experience, other days I want a typewriter sound to work or a linear keyboard to play.

The good thing about mechanical keyboards is, precisely, that the experience of writing or playing changes radically depending on the switches that we are using., but it is also true that if we change the keyboard we will have other switches, yes, but maybe my favorite switches are not in the body that I like the most.

So I think this option is very interesting, since we have a single body that we can customize with linear or tactile switches depending on what we want the most at all times, and it is the main value of this Logitech G Pro X.

As a competition keyboard or to enjoy shooters, it is interesting thanks to its N-Key Rollover technology and the fact that the cable is detachable is also an extra mobility. The keycaps are comfortable and the keyboard is robust.

However, I think it should have a magnetized system, like other brands, to place a wrist rest and, also, if we are talking about a competition keyboard, a transport bag would have been a good idea.

They are 155 euros for a keyboard with Kailh switches, but the build quality and, above all, the fact of being able to change switches without having to solder anything, are characteristics that make the keyboard at a price in line with that of the competition. .

And the experience during these weeks both writing thousands of words and playing games has been very good, and that is what matters on a keyboard.

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