This Tuesday marks 16 days of collective unemployment in various provinces of Argentina, including Santa Fe. this Wednesday at noon one is agreed meeting via zoom with representatives of unions, business, the national government and that of all the affected provinces. With the end of the month – the need to pay new salaries and the half bonus – it is a key instance to unlock a conflict that, in truth, does not seem to have a solution. Except that it comes from Nation, according to the own Santa Fe secretary of Transport, Osvaldo Miatello.

In contact with the Radiópolis program (Radio 2), Miatello pointed out that the drop in revenue put the system in check because, unlike transportation in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (Amba), the fare represents a significant percentage of financing.

“A system where half is subsidy and half collection, hac. than the search for a solution is complicated and necessarily has to do with the Nation, beyond that all the parts we can collaborate ”, observed the official.

This Wednesday at noon they will meet via zoom representatives of the national ministries of Labor and Transport, of the companies grouped in the Argentine Federation of Passenger Car Transporters (Fatap), of the Union Automotive Tramways (UTA) and of the provincial governments affected by unemployment.

It will be the continuation of last Thursday’s hearing it happened to an intermediate room, only now times are pressing because the new month is approaching and with it the obligation to pay wages again; and this time, in addition, the Christmas bonus.

For Miatello, a possible way out is that the national government agrees to include transportation companies in the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP).