Kevin Spacey could be spared another indictment if the plaintiff remains anonymous

We had already gone a long time without hearing of the accusations against Kevin Spacey. The actor, who was singled out for attempting to abuse a minor, faced several charges against him. One of the few that was left standing could be nowhere near being dismissed as a judge has ruled that the lawsuit cannot proceed if one of the plaintiffs does not leave anonymity.

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According to The Washington Post, the judge Lewis kaplan, of New York, gave the legal team 10 days of a lawsuit against Kevin Spacey to reveal the name of the person who accused him of sexual harassment. The legal action had been jointly filed by fellow actor Anthony Rapp and a man known by the pseudonym “CD”, who must now reveal his true identity in order to proceed.

The report indicates that the judge considers that it is not permissible for this person, who assures that Spacey (Common Suspects – 88%, Los Angeles Naked – 99%, Seven, the Seven Deadly Sins – 79%) sexually harassed you during a party in the 1980s when the plaintiff was still a minor, please remain anonymous. Recall that Rapp made his complaint public and had pointed it out in 2017 after the #MeToo movement revealed the abuses committed by Harvey Weinstein against dozens of women.

Spacey was fired from the final season of the hit series House of Cards – 75% as a result of the allegations and was also replaced from the movie All the Money in the World – 63% by the now deceased Christopher Plummer. Since then, the interpreter has not participated in any other production and has spent most of his time dealing with the various lawsuits against him.

In the case of this legal action in New York, the judge considered that since CD had already spoken with other people about the harassment of which he was a victim, and that Spacey’s own defense knows who he is, there is no reason for him to remain of anonymously. In addition, given the fame of his alleged assailant, it is most likely that his name became public knowledge. So he used his identity to be able to proceed with the lawsuit seeking $ 40 million in damages.

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In the past, CD had already warned the court that if they forced him to reveal his identity, he would drop the charges. This would cause it to be the third lawsuit against Spacey that has been dropped since the accusations against him began. The first was from a young man who assured that the actor had touched him, but withdrew the charges due to the lack of a telephone in which it was said there was evidence. The second was that of a masseur who claimed that the interpreter had sexually assaulted him. This man died last year and his case was closed due to his death.

So far there has been no response from Rapp or CD representatives on whether they plan to abide by the judge’s order. Spacey, who won an Oscar for American Beauty – 88% still do not have new projects in Hollywood. However, he has recorded a couple of disturbing videos in which he has addressed the public, the most recent of which he released at Christmas 2020 and in which he expressed his solidarity with the victims of the pandemic.

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