Kevin Pillar is more concerned about the pitcher who hit him in the face than about himself

For one of those miracles of life Kevin Pillar He was able to tell in a calm and deliberate way what it’s like to feel a 95mph ball in the whole face. He conveyed so much confidence two days after the incident that he expressed concern for the pitcher. Jacob Webb, of the Atlanta Braves.

Panic gripped the Braves’ home Monday night after Webb hit Pillar with the bases loaded. His bloody face had everyone present in the stadium with uncertainty and a silence that described the moment. Fortunately, the player recovered and with his inflamed face declared to the media.

“I know how difficult that can be for someone who feels responsible for someone getting injured. You need to continue to be confident and believe in yourself. I’m almost more worried about him than myself, ”Pillar said of pitcher Webb, who had no words or reaction at the time of the incident.

He was also concerned about the current situation of the New York Mets, the team he defends in the 2021 MLB season.

“My face will heal, but my heart is broken right now because this team is suffering. Despite not looking so good, I feel as normal as possible. I feel lucky, ”he added about the Mets, who are leading the NL East with one game ahead of the Phillies.

Pillar is a 32-year-old native of West Hills, Los Angeles. His career in the majors has been on teams such as the Toronto Blue Jays, the San Francisco Giants, the Boston Red Sox, the Colorado Rockies and lastly the New York Mets.

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