As we already know, Kevin Owens decided not to work on the WWE television recordings. You are not taking the risk because of the coronavirus outbreak that was recently discovered at the company. Furthermore, Owens has his reasons for making this decision.

We previously reported that WWE does not want to pressure KO to regear, and he will not really be punished for not attending the RAW recordings.

Kevin Owens tells how his wife’s grandfather died of coronavirus

Owens released a video statement where he explained his situation. It included a very simple title of “Let’s Try This” as it provided some clarity on why he made this decision.

He explained that just over a month ago his wife’s grandfather died of COVID-19. Seeing one of his family go through that was terrible. They had to see his funeral at Zoom. He said it was horrible, but his story is one of thousands out there.

Owens pleaded with people to wear face masks and be responsible. He also encouraged those who don’t want to wear face masks not to belittle those who do. He said images of that have appeared recently and it is “disgusting.”

He said that, in the worst case, social distancing and the use of a face mask do nothing, but at best it saves lives. Not wearing a face mask can spread this disease and make things worse.

Kevin Owens concluded his video message by encouraging people to help each other through this difficult time. The coronavirus pandemic has not ended and remained firm. You can see his full video here:

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