Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, says goodbye to the company

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The largest streaming platform today is Twitch. The company has been built thanks to the efforts of many executives and creatives who have been part of its ranks and recently lost one of its longest-serving members and founders of the platform.

Through Medium (via .), Kevin Lin, one of the 5 founders of Twitch announced his departure from the company. According to the information, the former general director of operations of the company, in which he worked for almost 13 years, will leave his position to take some time off and focus on a project that he did not reveal, but affirmed that he aspires to “create something as remarkable as Twitch again. “

“I look forward to spending more time with my family and loved ones, some rest, relaxation, some fitness, and of course a lot of video games. I am very excited to expand my curiosity and continue to explore a world where technology is a positive amplifier in our lives. I will build again, ”Lin told Medium (via .).

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Twitch lost one of its founders

Since 2018, Lin was in charge of strengthening the culture and strategy and innovation at Twitch and prior to that position, he was the company’s chief operating officer. Lin’s departure joins that of Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt and Michael Seibel, who have left the company in the past. In fact, only one of the 5 founders of the company, Emmett Shear, remains in it, as CEO.

“Kevin has been an incredible partner to me and the lead team at Twitch over its 12½-plus year tenure and has been instrumental in building our culture and business. We are grateful for all the hard work and passion that he put into making Twitch what it is today and look forward to his continued contributions to the industry, ”Shear commented, but who would fill Lin’s role was not disclosed.

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