Kevin Lee explains his impressive head tattoo

Kevin Lee – UFC

As he prepares to face Sean Brady on July 10 at UFC 264, Kevin Lee explains his impressive head tattoo. At the end of 2020 “The Motown Phenom” surprised everyone by posting videos and images on social networks showing that he has covered an important part of his anatomy with body art.

Let’s see what Kevin Lee says talking to MMA Fighting:


“I was in quarantine with broken knees. He couldn’t go out, he couldn’t train. It’s like: ‘damn it’. I really wanted to fight. It’s what I want to do, “he begins by recounting his passion for fighting. I was inspired a bit by rappers. A lot of them get their faces tattooed and stuff like that, and I’ve heard some people say they do it because it’s almost like you can’t go back..

«I got my helmet tattooed to remind myself of what I really do«, It continues. It is something that I will have with me for the rest of my life. I’ve had the best of my life as a warrior. So it’s hard not to remind myself every day that this is my life. I also feel that this tattoo will take me to another level when it comes to how people see me.«, Concludes».

With this tattoo Kevin Lee feels that “there is no going back”, that if you ever had a question about your fighting career, that question no longer exists. That is why many people refuse to tattoo visible parts in case they have to look for another job. While others get tattooed knowing that they are not going to look for it.


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