Kevin Holt assures that Miguel Alemán has always been Luis Miguel’s unconditional friend

Luis Miguel.

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Luis Miguel He has always been a lonely man to some extent, but has had few but good friends.

From his youth gang are Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin, Roberto Palazuelos, Leonardo García and Miguel Aleman Magnani.

And although the small group of the fantastic four formed an important part in his past, only one has remained with Micky all his life being his unconditional, it is Miguel Alemán, who is also an executive producer on Luis Miguel: La Serie 2.

“Luis Miguel could have many friends, but none like this one. It was a real trust. Literally, they were always unconditional friends because they were always there to support each other, “he said. Kevin Holt, who plays the businessman and friend of “El Sol” in the two seasons of the Netflix show.

Of the eight chapters of the second installment, Kevin acts in five.

“Unlike the first (season) in which most of my scenes were with other friends, here I have to share the scene with Diego (Boneta) and with other characters,” said 28-year-old Kevin.

Before starting the series, the actor met with the son of Miguel Alemán Velasco to create his role, and answered some questions that he asked him to learn more about the relationship.

“What I focused the most on about my character, when I did the creation of my role, was that he felt that friendship, that trust and brotherhood. In the end, Miguel ended up being part of his family“, He indicated.

The second installment of the series started two weeks ago with the premiere of two chapters that gave the audience a lot to talk about.

“What I wanted to show is that this friendship was different from all the others.”

Because of that trust that unites them so far, they never parted.

“And now it will be seen how Miguel is always with him, helping him to solve all these problems in which he gets involved through his work or family; That’s exactly what we focus on and it’s going to make a difference with all other relationships.

“(You will see) How Miguel (Alemán) also has that magic, in his energy as a person, as a friendship, and they will see how he balances Luis Miguel, because he is one of the few people who can talk to him regardless of the state in which he is, I mean if he is very angry, depressed or happy, “he added.

In this new season, Kevin added, he has not had the opportunity to speak with Alemán Magnani.

“It wasn’t necessary for my job either because I already had all the information I needed; Besides, the new scenes are so well written that the text alone gives you everything ”, he added.

BY: Lorena Corpus