Kevin Feige is not interested in directing Lucasfilm

Image by Kevin Feige

Since the announcement of a Star Wars film produced by Kevin Feige, current president of Marvel Studios and the main creator of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there has been no stopping of conversations between fans about the future of Lucasfilm and whether Feige could replace Kathleen Kennedy as studio president. All this also more as a result of the latest film releases than of the series for Disney + that have been released so far, which have had a better reception.

However, a new Variety article dedicated to commenting on the reorganization of Disney and its different divisions after the arrival of the new CEO Bob Chapek, is quite blunt in this regard. The article refers to the three most successful branches of the company: Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios. This is where it is mentioned that Feige is seen as “the most essential executive, having proven his strength with the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and streaming series like ‘WandaVision'”.

It is here that they refer to the rumors about the replacement of Kathleen Kennedy by Kevin Feige stating flatly that “Inside sources say Feige is fully committed to his work at Marvel and he has no interest in directing Lucasfilm or taking a more active role. ” They also note that there are no new details about the film he will produce and that no production schedule has yet been established.

In this way, at least for the near future, we will continue to have Kathleen Kennedy directing Lucasfilm and Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios (and even more so, as Marvel’s chief creative officer), both especially interested in exploring the world of streaming, which is the format. business to which all Disney is turning.

Via information | Variety

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