Kevin Durant and Mike Conley, winners at the Oscars

The Oscars gala held last morning left ‘Nomadland’ as a great winner with the trophies for best film, best direction and best leading actress, but Two names that have little to do with cinema also slipped into the long list of winners: Kevin Durant and Mike Conley. The Brooklyn Nets player and the Utah Jazz player took a statuette thanks to the triumph of the film ‘Two complete strangers‘(‘ Two Distant Strangers’ in its original title) in the category of best short film.

The two players, according to IMDB, were among the ten executive producers of a film that chronicles police brutality against blacks in America and equates it to Groundhog Day, seeing it as an inescapable loop from which no one can escape. On the tape, a man tries to return home but gets caught in a time loop that forces him to experience, over and over, a deadly encounter with a policeman, as much as he tries to avoid it.

Directed by Martin Desmond Roe and Travon Free, the latter a former college basketball player at Long Beach State, he managed to clinch the Oscar on a night to remember. “Momentazo! Congratulations“Durant wrote from his Twitter profile immediately after his name was announced as the winner in his category. For her part, Conley shared the happy moment on Instagram and also congratulations from some of her colleagues and friends.

The movie ‘Two complete strangers’ is available on Netflix and lasts 32 minutes, but some scenes mean that its viewing is not only allowed for people over 18 years of age.

NBA stars follow in the footsteps of other athletes and also Kobe Bryant, although not in such a direct way. The legend of the Lakers, sadly deceased in a helicopter accident, managed to win the Oscar in 2018 thanks to the short film ‘Dear Basketball’, a film based on the love letter the player wrote to basketball before retiring. In Bryant’s case, it was he who took the stage to collect the trophy, although it was found that he had never been in such a situation and, despite that, he managed to get away with it.