Kevin Durant and Isaiah Thomas are scandalized by Messi’s salary

Two NBA players, the best professional basketball league in the world, Kevin Durant and Isaiah Thomas, have raised the cry with Messi’s millionaire salary in the last four years. Durant and Thomas have reacted with surprise and a point of disbelief to a tweet that recalled that yesterday, June 30, was the last day of Leo Messi’s current contract with Barcelona.

A contract and figures that have stirred Kevin Durant’s conscience, an established NBA star who is currently on the Brooklyn Nets roster. “Insane”, “crazy”, is the word used by Kevin Durant to define the salary of Messi’s contract, recently expired, the most expensive in sport: 555 million euros in four years.

Isaiah Thomas, former Washington Wizards player and like Messi now without a team after his short-lived stint at his last club, New Orleans Pelicans, he expresses his surprise with a touch of humor. “MY GOD. I have to put my children in Soccer hahaha.”

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