In its second episode, the series Netflix ‘The Last Dance’ focuses on the figure of Scottie Pippen. The second best player of the best Chicago Bulls of the story was operated just before the start of the 1997/98 season, the sixth ring that relates the documentary, something that did not like Michael Jordan, but what Steve Kerr admits understanding perfectly.

Pippen decided not to have surgery in the summer so as not to miss anything from the following season and to do it right at the end to give the franchise a boost: he was the sixth highest-paid player, the 122nd in the NBA, despite being the second best player of the Bulls and one of the best in the NBA at the time.

Here is what Jordan had to say about the Pippen operation: “Scottie was wrong to do what he did. He could have had the operation earlier, just as the season ended and he would have been ready for the start of the season. Scottie was trying to put the directive for them to change their contract, something they were never going to do. “

The fact that Pippen was unable to play the first few months of the 97/98 season caused the Bulls to have trouble starting and achieving the expected results of a team that came from winning 5 rings in 7 years. Despite this, Steve Kerr does not think the same about what the staff thought at the time about the Pippen operation:

“We’re not at all resentful of him. Everyone respected Scottie a lot. We felt his frustration. He must have been the second highest-paid player in the NBA at the time or at least one of the top five. So no, no one kicked him out. expensive or was upset that he had a late operation. We understood him and left him his space. He was going to be ready to help us in the second part of the season. “