Kenya detects 16 variants of coronavirus between June and October 2020

Experts from the Kenya Medical Research Institute recorded 16 different variants of Coronavirus in the country from June to October last year, reported the Nation newspaper.

« Between June and October the team identified 16 circulating variants, » says the media, adding that they are completely different from the strains detected in the UK and South Africa.

The new types were detected after experts analyzed samples from more than 200 people in at least eight counties.

The media adds that since March 2020 in Kenya a total of 20 mutations of the virus have been registered.

The experts, according to the media, indicated that one of the new variants, detected in the country, is worrisome since « it had not been detected anywhere else in the world. »

For his part, Charles Agoti, a leading member of the team of experts, pointed out that it is now unknown how this new variant affects the epidemiological situation in the country and pointed out that to clarify it, more tests must be carried out.

The outlet adds that experts plan to sequence 400 samples between January and February in multiple regions of the country to get a clearer picture of the mutations in Kenya.

« It’s like looking at different photos of the same panorama to see the differences, » Agoti said.

According to data from the World Health Organization, Kenya has registered more than 98,000 cases of contagion of the Coronavirus , of them more than 1,700 lethal.

Source: Sputnik

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