Kenny Omega’s character has changed a bit since AEW started, but he can still become The Cleaner when needed.

Someone called Kenny Omega for not being able to perform good promises on the mic. This fan also claimed that “Omega’s abilities are off and he is rarely that serious.”

Kenny Omega messes with Seth Rollins

Omega responded to this by wondering what this fan was talking about. Then he stated that every time he speaks he “breaks the internet”.

Hey? Every time I open my mouth I break the internet. Oh wait, I get it. What you wanted to say is that I don’t use a false and exaggerated voice from the 90s ?, I’ll work on that to be able to impress you next time.

Another fan who obviously looks like a follower of Seth Rollins tweeted to Omega saying: “Come on Kenny!”. This fan had Seth Rollins as his profile picture. That encouraged Omega to respond by saying, “Sorry, your heroes could never do it. However, that is no reason to be very tough. ”

The same fan replied: “Rollins’ promo on TakeOver when he messed with HHH is 10 is better than what you’ve done, keep using your privileges as an EVP to contain younger talents and thus boost your own Ego.”

The Cleaner responded to this disgruntled fan by praying for him to return to school once the coronavirus pandemic ends. “He prayed that once the Coronavirus is over you can safely return to your fourth grade English class”.

Kenny Omega later tweeted to indicate how proud he was of that interaction. He said that all he needed was a tweet to make people go crazy. Turns out, he still knows how to break the Internet.

I made 1 tweet as bait and they all came as expected. I understood about 10% of the answers. Pathetic, but fun. But pathetic. Drones see you next time.

A few fans who hadn’t been following Kenny Omega’s thread were a little confused by this tweet. Others fully understood what he was saying.

Kenny Omega may not speak as often as some, but he does count when he has something to say.

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