Triple A Mega Champion Kenny Omega successfully defended the Triple A Mega Champion at the AEW Dynamite show on March 25.

Fight for the AAA Mega Championship: (c) Kenny Omega vs Sammy Guevara

Guevara knocks down Omega, and poses on the Canadian. Inverted padlock for Omega. The Cleaner reverses Guevara’s maneuver. However, Guevara returns to take control of the fight, Kenny leaves the ring. Pickets in the eyes for Omega. The young fighter hits Omega on the edge of the ring. Punishment against the barricade. Round-trip machetes. Punishment on Omega’s arm.

Guevara kisses a cartoon of Brandi Rhodes, Brandi looks stunned at Sammy Guevara. The action returns to the ring. Sammy tries to drown Omega. Exchanges of blows. Sammy leaves the ring and approaches Brandi. Omega takes advantage of the distraction and hits Sammy, Guevara flirts with Brandi again, but the announcer slaps him. Suplex for Guevara.

The Spanish God returns to the ring, Splash for Guevara, the account remains at 2. Guevara takes control and applies a submission key. Omega is released by placing the boot on the rope. Machetes for Guevara.

Continuing action, the champion elbows Guevara. The Canadian regains control of the combat. Suplex for Guevara. Exchange of forearm blows.

Sammy tries to recover but Omega punishes him with a tremendous Big Boot.

Omega knocks down Guevara, an attempt to leg drop but the count only reaches 2.

Omega tries the Snap Dragon Suplex. But Guevara reverses it and applies his Shooting Star Press. The count reaches 2. Cutter for Omega, the champion leaves the ring. VTrigger for Guevara, try the Snap Dragon Suplex but Guevara breaks free.

Guevara is still on the warpath, but the champion applies another V Trigger accompanied by Snap Dragon Suplex and the account only reaches 2. Omega reapplies the V Trigger and finishes it off with the One Winged Angel to take the victory and retain the title .

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