Kendall Jenner poses for Calvin Klein, Tiny Clothes!

Kendall Jenner poses for Calvin Klein, Tiny Clothes! (AP)

Kendall Jenner poses for Calvin Klein, Tiny Clothes! | AP

Known today for being one of the highest paid models in the industry the beautiful Kendall Jenner younger sister of Kim kardashian delighted the pupil of his admirers with a publication on his official Instagram account in which he appeared posing for the brand Calvin klein, while he was next to another model who, like her, is a masculine beauty.

The pretty model one meter and seventy-nine centimeters continuously shares this type of content, with the important brands with which it works, for that reason its millions of followers are aware of its publications because, like its sisters Kendall jenner ends up imposing fashion or showing some advances of the season.

Belonging to a family of celebrities Kendall Jenner is still a constant trend like her younger sister Kylie jenner and her older sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian.

With more than 152 million followers only on Instagram and 30.9 million on Twitter, his name is known around the world, not only on social networks but also in large companies and fashion houses, for any major fashion guild It is an honor that the beautiful model takes part in the advertising of any product.

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In this case, the renowned brand Calvin Klein had the privilege of working with Kendall Jenner on February 17, 2016, when he hired her to be the image of some garments, although five years have passed since she probably published it continues to cause a trend in social networks when remembering the image.

Kendall Jenner is wearing white underwear with the company’s brand on the waist and the lower strap of the top, the model is leaning on the back of the other model whose face is not appreciated, for his part he too He is wearing these clothes but the version for men showing his toned body.


Obviously who was the protagonist in the image is the beautiful Kendall Jenner because with the play of light in the photograph part of her face is illuminated in addition to the brand itself, in 2016 the beautiful model was only 20 years old, without However, it was in that year that her popularity began to bear fruit because a year later she became the highest paid model in the world, far surpassing Gisele Bündchen who had that title since 2002.

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We find more than one million 300 thousand red hearts in the Kendall Jenner publication, although it seems quite intimidating today the publications of the model exceed 3 million each, it is something more than normal to find photos or videos of her with more than 8 million like’s.

She and her sisters have all become great influencers on social networks, however, unlike the other members of the Kardashian Jenner clan, the beautiful model with black hair, long legs and a stylized figure is 100% dedicated to being a model, not for nothing is it the best paid in the world with income of more than 22 million dollars approximately.

Although her older sister Kim Kardashian has 205 million followers and her younger sister Kylie Jenner has 216 million respectively on Instagram, the reactions of Kendall Jenner’s fans are quite similar to those of her sisters in the number of likes’ s.