He arrived with the absolute star vitola who had to renounce the preponderant role he played in his previous team, but remain key as a second or third sword. Kemba walker faced this challenge in a franchise full of mystique as is Boston Celtics and with the need to make Kyrie Irving forget, whose talent was only comparable to the powder keg he generated in the team for his wayward attitude. Those of Massachusetts wanted a model base in the vocal, with leadership capacity, modesty to give prominence to Tatum, good direction of play and efficiency in his shots, since the volume that he had to assume was not going to be very high.

Expectations have been met in fits and starts during the regular season, but where you have to give your chest is in the NBA 2020 playoffs and here Walker is failing. Fair shotgun and poor shot selection. This is the only way to define what Kemba has done by consulting his statistical worksheet. He alternates conservative games with others in which he throws compulsively, but the result is the same. Most of his points come from the free throw, with records of 6/19 on field goals and 1/9 on triples, like the one he wore in the first game of the series against the Miami Heat. Brad Stevens keep trusting him and giving him many minutes, but if he does not improve things could change.

« I’m playing horrible, I can’t say much more. It is evident that I have to be better on both sides of the court and, above all, make better decisions in attack. I must regain confidence and shoot in situations conducive to it. I must find a way to contribute much more to my team because we are going to need the good performance of everyone to win this tie, « said on ESPN a Kemba walker Aware that he can lose much of the status gained in his previous time with Hornets if he is not able to offer all his class and competitive spirit at key moments of the NBA 2020 playoffs. It remains to be seen if his words are supported by deeds.