In Story of her Instagram account, the beautiful Kelly Vedovelli shared a photo where she unveiled the really adorable message of a fan!

While she was less active on social networks, Kelly Vedovelli is back. This Saturday, August 1, she also left her fans to him leave nice messages. One of them particularly touched him.

In Story of her Instagram account, Kelly Vedovelli unveiled the following message from a fan who said: “I love you that’s all”. Very touched by this statement, she did not failed to answer them.

Indeed, Kelly Vedovelli unveiled a shot where she displayed herself with a nice look. But that’s not all. She took the pose with a shy smile. In legend, she also wrote: “But” all accompanied by red hearts.

It seems that the pretty blonde is really touched by this message filled with love. The djette can always count on her fans for their kindness. Besides these recently congratulated her.

Kelly Vedovelli decided to take care of herself

For some time now, Kelly Vedovelli has appeared finer than ever. Not long ago, she also confided to her fans that she was taking more care of her body. She explained: “Mission number 27 of the holidays, change of jersey for erase that trace of tan

The columnist for Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP) also added: “I have received a lot of messages since my last posts. Yes since confinement I decided to take care of my body … ”.

She also revealed: “You will be able to continue to insult me ​​with green plants but no more little pigs. This is of course not for haters. But for myself. Heart on you anyway“.

Finally, the dancer also concluded: “For the majority thank you for your love daily. I’m too lucky. I am faithful to you forever! “. A nice message that did not fail to please its subscribers.

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