Kelly Preston and her strongest pain, the departure of Jett Travolta | .

The unfortunate departure of actress Kelly Preston, the wife of John Travolta after two years of battling breast cancer, has been announced. One of her greatest pains was not this illness, but having to face the departure of her oldest son Jeff.

Preston and Travolta formed a family together and had 3 children, Jeff, the eldest, Ella and Benjamin. Jeff lost his life in 2009 at just 16 years old.

The actress’s oldest son had a seizure while at the family’s vacation home in the Bahamas.

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As revealed, the cause of the convulsion it was that the young man fell and hit his head with the bathtub. He was found unconscious on the ground.

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Jeff was rushed to Rand Memorial Hospital, where he was declared mu3rt0, causing more pain in his parents.

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Kelly Preston and John Travolta were always open about their loss and gave voice to all those people who go through that terrible moment.

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No one should lose a child. It is unfathomable. But I’m here to say that you can get over it. You can live again. You can live again, said the actress for Lifetime.