Kelly Osbourne offers details of her addiction: “… I was covered with food and drunk, made a mess …”

The daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, recounted details of her addiction and relapse into alcohol: “She was covered in food and drunk.”

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The tv star Kelly osbourne He has not hesitated to offer all kinds of details about the gradual process that, in the last month and a half, has almost led him to destroy four years of absolute sobriety. And it is that, after announcing at the end of April and in his social networks that he had suffered a relapse in his fight against alcohol addiction, now the daughter of the famous marriage formed by Ozzy Y Sharon osbourne He has wanted to openly reflect on the moment of fragility he has experienced in the framework of his complicated battle, as well as on the scope of its consequences. For this reason, he offered details of his relapse into this addiction. “I was sitting there, watching all these people in the pool, and I was like, ‘Well, I can do it too.’ Then I asked for a glass of wine and I dedicated myself to enjoying myself a little … I only had one drink that night, but if we go a week later, there I was, made a mess and disgusting, covered in food and drunk, saying to myself: ‘No, this is not me. It can’t be true that I’m doing this, ‘”he confessed in conversation with the program.’Entertainment Tonight ‘.

After pointing out to the same media that she has never wanted to act as a “role model” for anyone and that her rehabilitation process only concerns her, the also designer and talk show host of television programs has had no choice but to admit that she feels very hurt with herself on account of this dramatic change in trend, especially knowing that, like it or not, her figure and her experiences are today very influential in her legion of young followers.

“The truth is that I have never asked to be considered a role model, and I don’t think I am. But it is true that, being in the public eye, having these problems and expressing myself so openly about them, people are aware of you and look at your every move ”, he stated in the same interview. That explains, among other things, that by making the news known to his fans of Instagram The celebrity would not hesitate to promise that, once this setback was consummated, his main objective for the immediate future was to turn this ordeal into a mere anecdotal situation.

“I have relapsed and I am not proud of it. But I am back on the right track and this week I will record a new podcast to tell everyone what has happened and what is happening. I just want to tell you now that I am sober and that tomorrow I will be sober too ”, she declared in her message from the virtual sphere.

However, the good news is that the TV host has not gained pounds again. So long gone are the years when the singer was overweight, a fact that made her feel depressed. Kelly lost 85 pounds in total and still looking very beautiful.

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