An onion flavored cereal is the latest strategy with which Kellogg’s regionalizes its products, especially within the Asian market.

Kellogg’s is one of the key brands in the cereal market.

Breakfast is one of the most important moments of consumption.

Breakfast is one of the most important commercial moments in the lives of consumers, as the need for food forces them to make a series of products that, seen as an industry, generate billions of dollars in sales.

A series of figures warn us of how serious breakfast is as a business, considering that at this time of consumer day a large number of products are in demand.

Breakfast has triggered certain categories to be extremely successful, such as cereal, which has become a must for many consumers.

A breakfast cereal market estimate warns it will add revenue of more than $ 62 billion globally, however, this figure could skyrocket because confinement may have triggered this estimate.

With these figures, the antecedent of how important breakfast is and the experiments that some brands are doing to regionalize their products. This is the case of Kellogg’s.

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Kellogg’s and its onion cereal

Kellogg’s has activated an interesting strategy that consists of selling onion-flavored cereal, leaving behind products with traditional flavors such as sugar, cinnamon or fruits such as apples.

The new cereal option has been launched in Korea and in just two days of its launch, Chex, which is the name of the cereal that was flavored, sold out online.

The history of this cereal dates back to 2004, when Kellogg’s launched a promotion strategy with which it sought to promote the new chocolate flavor, due to this it launched a strategy in which the consumer had to vote for two candidates, on one side was Cheki , which represented the flavor of chocolate and the other was Chaka, representing the flavor of green onion.

The biased strategy sought that the consumer opted for the chocolate flavor, however, the preferences did not follow the brand’s expectation and instead warned that they expected the peculiar onion flavor.

« We never expected consumers to be interested in this product for more than 16 years (…) every time we launched new cereals or had promotional events, online communities repeatedly asked for the flavor, » Kim Hee told a news agency. -yeon, spokesperson for Kellogg’s Korea.

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The value of breakfast

Breakfast is one of the moments most valued by consumers, since it is a time of day when it is supposed to have the highest nutritional quality, which is why cereals have become the main option at this time of the day, due to the large amount of energy they have.

Something that has distinguished breakfasts has been that these are foods that have adapted to the lifestyles of consumers, where there is now less time to consume them. That is why many products have sought to offer fast consumption options such as drinkable yogurt or cereals that can be consumed without the need for drinks such as a bar.