Keep. Appalling rollover leaves two injured in downtown

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Torreón, Coahuila / 02.20.2021 21:14:55

A massive rollover left two people injured and substantial material damage, at the intersection of Avenida Juárez and Calle Ramón Corona within the downtown area of ​​Torreón.

It was reported that on this road crossing, a gray Dodge Stratus car and a white Nissan Estacas truck had collided. which ended up overturned and destroyed.

The accident was reported by agents of the Traffic Directorate, around 05:00 in the afternoon of this Saturday.

Red Cross paramedics cared for an elderly woman, who turned out to be polycombined, for which she was transferred to a hospital.

The driver of the truck resulted with some blows to various parts of the body and he was also treated by paramedics, but he preferred to stay in the place.

The first road reports indicated that both participating drivers indicated that the green traffic light corresponded to them.

The corresponding sketch indicated that the Nissan pickup that was driven by Juan, was moving eastward on Avenida Juárez.

Upon reaching the junction with Ramón Corona Street, it was hit on the right side by the Stratus that was traveling north on the aforementioned street.

After the strong crash, lto truck was projected to the left and ended up overturned.

The expert officers of the Municipal Court of Justice met with the participating drivers, who were presented before the qualifying judge, where they will define responsibility.