Keen’V is a guest of the Incredible Transformations makeover show. It is not to give himself a new image that he participates in the M6 ​​program but to help his mother, Valérie. “She would need a makeover because clothing speaking, it is not possible,” he announced, immediately in a teaser unveiled by the channel.

He explains to make-up artist Léa Djadja, the hairdresser Nicolas waldorf and the stylist Charla carter, the experts of the show, that his mother categorically refuses to wear colors. Admitting some complexes, especially at the level of wrinkles, Valérie was able to benefit from a few injections of hyaluronic acid, by the plastic surgeon Frédéric Lange.

In the excerpt unveiled on the channel’s Twitter account, we can already admire the work of the experts and see Valérie’s new style. “I’m stressed for her, actually. I can’t wait to see the result. I’m not afraid she won’t like it (…) I feel stressed because she’s difficult, she doesn’t. don’t like change. And then she’s a little hard on herself. So I can’t wait to see her, “Keen’V impatiently, when her mother finally appears.

“It grows you up. It looks really good on you! Really, it’s beautiful, ecstasies the singer.” I don’t have the impression that it is my mom. This lady is my mother. You had to think about it before!“But, disaster: Valérie does not seem delighted with her incredible transformation.”I do not like. I don’t like my hairstyle, ”she laments, very touched by this huge change.

After a little time to adapt, Valérie finally seems to be getting used to her new image. She says she ultimately loves the color of her hair and agrees to wear less black in the future. “I’m not used to wearing makeup, but it’s very pretty, though,” she finally explained.