Keanu Reeves meets a fan on the street and his reaction surprises everyone | Instagram

The actor Keanu Reeves is one of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood, which is characterized by its simplicity but caused surprise in a recent meeting with

The Hollywood actor was riding his motorcycle when at one point he encountered a user of Reddit and this was his reaction.

The name of Keanu Reeves It has a great weight in Hollywood and particularly in the world of entertainment fans, in addition to being one of the most coveted galleries, it is one of the most simple and friendly in the world.

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Virtues that once again were proven after that while the actor driving his car, he ran into a user of « Reddit « , where on more than one occasion he has become a proton of jokes and memes among users of the popular platform.

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As he actor As the user they were driving at the time of the meeting, so the subject did not miss the opportunity to take a photo of him.

The actor replied with « usual amiability and in the image he appears saluting and making the gesture of victory with his fingers.

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The user shared the Photography through their social networks, which they accompanied with the legend

Encounter with Keanu in transit, 2020 edition.

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It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that a fan meets the protogonist of « Matrix« on the street or while driving as in 2018, a fan also shared a photograph he took in 2018 in which Reeves appears with his beautiful smile towards the camera, this time he was on board his motorcycle.

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However, images have also been circulated on social networks that have captured him on board a meter or taking some other public transport, as we mentioned the « Maximum Speed » co-protonist tries to lead his life somewhat « normal » as any ordinary person when he is away from the searchlights, and still cannot escape them.