Kayla Braxton revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 on her social media a few days ago. Unfortunately for her, it is the second time she has been infected with the virus since the pandemic began.

Braxton revealed this news in a message to fans where he encouraged them not to be “fools like me”. She thought she was “invincible” after her first bout with coronavirus. Obviously she could catch him again, something Braxton wasn’t thinking about.

Fans noted that Kayla Braxton recently posted photos of herself in an insecure environment that did not meet social distancing standards. She was seen without a face mask enjoying a public beach.

Kayla Braxton is harassed by the WWE Universe

In the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter it was noted that fans “harassed” Kayla Braxton for these photos so intensely that it contributed to her decision to leave social media.

Kayla Braxton announced a pause on social media before deleting her Twitter account. Hopefully, she can focus on recovering and getting back to 100% health. Braxton will most likely take the coronavirus threat very seriously from now on.

Let’s hope that he recovers soon and passes this tremendous crisis that he has in his life.

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