Kawhi Leonard and a new ordeal starring injuries

It will be many months before NBA fans can enjoy basketball again. Kawhi leonard. A few weeks ago it was revealed that the injury that caused him to miss out on Los Angeles Clippers The Western Conference Finals of the 2021 Playoffs against Phoenix Suns was more serious than expected, confirming his rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.

Days before the exact extent of his injury was revealed, there were NBA rumors, motivated by an alleged discontent of the player with the Los Angeles franchise for the way in which they had managed the first days of his injury, in which it was said that Leonard may not fulfill his $ 36 million player option for the 2021/22 season.

With Free Agency 2021 just around the corner, trying new challenges was a very succulent option for Kawhi Leonard, who nevertheless had to be forced to secure his contract precisely because of his injury.

The Clippers themselves, with Leonard’s discontent on their heads, have set out to make the ordeal of rehab as easy as possible. This has been confirmed by the General Manager of the franchise, Frank Lawrence, in a few words for the Los Angeles Times: “He has just suffered a serious injury that will require a lot of time and help. Our intention is to stay with him for the long term.”

With the project in the pipeline

The key to keeping the Los Angeles Clippers from falling apart heading into the next NBA season was keeping Kawhi on the roster. Although he has very little chance of playing a game this coming season, the franchise will have to try to convince him during all these months to renew to remain competitive in the Western Conference.

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