Katy Perry would be a few hours away from receiving her little girl | Instagram

Strong rumors that have circulated on the afternoon of this Thursday, August 13, indicate that the firstborn of the singer Katy Perry would be a few hours away from reaching the world.

The pop singer who has remained faithful to the instructions to bring her pregnancy to fruition would finally be about to meet her little girl with her husband Orlando Bloom.

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The unexpected News It comes after the singer has announced to her fans that she would reschedule a call she would make with them via zoom, without giving them more details of her sudden decision last minute.

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But what would shock them the most is that the interpreter of « Roar« postponed the virtual meeting until October and also reiterated that the reason was not due to a network failure.

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Immediately fans and followers They did not hesitate to deduce that it could be that the singer could be close to giving birth.

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Meanwhile, fans are keeping an eye out to star alongside the singer the arrival of the little, which according to the artist revealed, could arrive during this week since « her belly felt very big », so international media triggered the theory that the artist would already go into labor.

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So in the next few hours it could be that the singer or her partner, Orlando Bloom confirm the happy news of your first-born, as reported by Agencia México.

Regarding the name

The singer would have revealed in a past interview to the radio program Karson & Kennedy the reason they wouldn’t have their baby’s name yet

We have yet to decide specifically on her name because I think we have options and she will tell us. I’ll look at her and say, ‘Oh yeah yeah, you are her. You are that, ‘ »said Katy Perry, whose delivery is scheduled for this summer.