Katy Perry wanted to kill herself because of Orlando Bloom | Reform

American singer and businesswoman Katy Perry confessed to having considered kill oneself a few years ago after a breakup with his current partner Orlando Bloom and the failure of his latest album.

In 2017 Katy Perry he touched a very dark place in his lifeBecause he removed the attempt on his life and according to what he said, he only found a way out thanks to faith.

It was in an interview with SiriusXM that the singer claimed to have thought of killing herself, since I had taken bottom.

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All because of two things, because the first was for reasons sentimental and the second for a matter professional.

Back then their relation with his now fiancé, Orlando Bloom, had finished and coincided with the failure of their album Witness, which sold ten times less than the last album.

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My career went up and up, then came the change, which was not so great when viewed from the outside, but for me it was an earthquake, « said the singer.

This is how he was sincere and explained how gratitude saved his life thanks to the fact that his parents are evangelical pastors and her faith helped her recover.

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It was very important to break, in order to find my integrity in a completely different way. And find another dimension, than just living my life like a thirsty pop star all the time, ”he said.

Back then I also make sure to feel embarrassed, ashamed by how she felt, but apparently it was necessary to realize all the good that surrounded her.

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I am really strong like Katy Perry, and sometimes I am not as strong as Katheryn Hudson, ”he said.

Now without a doubt you are happier than everShe is months away from becoming Bloom’s wife and being a mother for the first time.

My hope is that something greater than me has created me for a purpose and created me for a reason, and that I am not disposable, and that, you know, every person that has been created has a purpose. ”