Katy Perry celebrates Orlando Bloom’s 44th birthday with unpublished photos

In the publications you can see Perry and Orlando enjoying several of their trips, such as in Egypt or riding a horse surrounded by mountains and green landscapes, but also doing activities as everyday as brushing their teeth and there are snapshots of him very sexy , showing their tattoos or in a more serious attitude.

In two images we can appreciate how tender the actor is. In the first of the publications he is surrounded by ducklings, while he holds them warmly in his hands, and a little further on there is a beautiful photograph of Bloom accompanied by, until his death, the inseparable and beloved Mighty companion.

It was on July 22 when Orlando shared the sad news that after seven days missing he could report that his faithful friend had died, something that filled him with pain, but also with great learning, which made him pay tribute and he got his name tattooed on his skin just on the side of his heart, with an A adorning the ink.

Because of these types of reactions, Katy is more in love than ever and they stopped being that couple who did not want to be seen together and avoided appearing on red carpets so that there were no photographs of them and they even overcame a break in the relationship in May 2017, which They took up again for February 2018, and now being a family.