Singer Katy Perry has a personality and charisma charming, thanks to this and her dream figure she has managed to have a list of boyfriends who surely adored her, she knows some names.

As you well know, you will soon have a beautiful daughter next to Orlando Bloom, who so far is the love of his life, we hope they last like this for many more years.

Maybe you already know some names on this list, but you can probably get a big surprise, clarifying that those mentioned are those that are considered official.

1. Orlando Bloom

As you know Orlando Bloom is your current partner and with whom you will surely have an adorable baby.

Although they have had to postpone their wedding, they are both extremely happy and in love with each other.

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2. John Mayer

It Takes Two is the song that Katy Perry dedicated to John mayerHe was her formal boyfriend and although she was very enthusiastic about him, their relationship lasted only a few months.

Neither of them shared the reason for their separation.

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3. Russell Brand

Even if Russell Brand In addition to being her boyfriend, he was also her husband, it is perhaps one of the most famous romances of the star interpreter of « Teenage Dream ».

They were married in 2010 but their love lasted only two years, being he who requested the divorce.

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4. Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy He is the leader of the band Gym Class Heroes, this relationship lasted a short time, Katy found out that they had ended thanks to a post by the singer on her social networks.

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5. Johnny Lewis

Another of the singer’s boyfriends was the actor Johnny lewis, he was the protagonist of the hit series « Sons of Anarchy »Unfortunately, he lost his life when he fell from the building he lived in, this affected Perry enough that he dedicated the song « The One That Got Away » to him.

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« Half a sack, shitload of balls » Clay about Kip ‘Half-Sack’ Epps, aka ‘the prospect’ played by Johnny Lewis. . Native of Charming, Kip has served in the US Army during the Iraq war. Excellent fighter, he becomes Junior Lightweight Champion in an Army-Navy boxing competition. He gets wounded in Iraq and loses one of his testicules, which eventually gives him the nickname ‘Half-Sack’. After leaving the military, he returns to Charming where he starts working as a mechanic for Teller-Morrow. He is then sponsored by Chibs and starts prospecting for SAMCRO. . Introduced in the pilot, Half-Sack is often teased and given the most undesirable tasks by other members who observe his efficiency and test his character. Brave and motivated, Kip follows through with every mission he is given and rapidly starts taking initiatives. Unfortunately for him, his impulses and candid tongue often puts him in either delicate or comical situations. We all remember how he pissed off Clay by saying Gemma gave him a « serious MILF chubby » (resulting in Clay having retaliation sex with Cherry, Half-Sack’s love interest) or when he stole an ambulance, wrongfully thinking the club could sell it to repay a debt! . By S2, Half-Sack often steps into the action and helps other members in critical situations, earning the respect of his peers. Tasked with protecting Gemma and Tara towards the end of S2, he tries to stop Cameron Hayes from Kidnapping Abel and gets stabbed with a kitchen knife in Jax’s home. For his bravery and everything he has done for the club, Half-Sack is awarded his full colors posthumously and is buried as a full patched SAMCRO member. This makes him the first club member to die in Sons of Anarchy. . Vegetarian, Half-Sack seems to extend his compassion to humans as he is one of the only three main characters who haven’t killed anyone in the show (along with Piney & Wendy). . I just noticed we’re already more than 8K to be a part of this #SOAFamily, thank you so much & # 55357; & # 56473; & # 55357; & # 56908; & # 55356; & # 57339; Join us and follow @ to celebrate SOA with us if you came across this post from the explore page ☺️. . Repost: @thoughtsofanarchy #sonsofanarchy #soa #soafx #halfsack

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