Katie Thurston Likes Instagram Calling Out Greg Grippo

The internet is lowkey in love with Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, and the show’s editing makes it pretty obvious he’s gonna go far. But! Spoiler accounts just caught Katie Liking (and then unLiking) an Instagram post calling out Greg’s alleged acting aspirations. The Insta in question? A truly lol meme from must-listen-to podcast @chattybroads that reads “when the guy next to you is getting interrogated about wanting to be the bachelor and you’ve gotta pretend to be disgusted while hiding your acting career aspirations.”

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According to fan account @bachelorteaspill, Katie Liked this post, and then unLiked it, which is on the one hand very hard to not read into, but on the other … could mean nothing! Like, maybe she just found this funny meme … because it is!


katie unlikes greg post


Either way, we now are coming to the SPOILERY part of this article, so please look away if that’s not your thing.

SPOILERS AHEAD: You’re about to find out who Katie’s final four are … Do. Not. Continue if you don’t want to know!

Love him or leave him, Greg reportedly makes it to Katie’s final four contestants along with Andrew Spencer, Justin Glaze, and Blake Moynes, aka Tayshia Adams’s and Clare Crawley’s former contestant who should be showing up on Katie’s season as soon as next week. And speaking of the finals, Reality Steve just dropped intel on who Katie is engaged to, so if you want that info too head right this way.

You love keeping up with Bachelor Nation news and spoilers. So do we! Let’s overanalyze it together.

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