Katee Sackhoff spoke of Bo-Katan’s fate in The Mandalorian

If you ask any Star Wars fan, they will probably tell you how exciting the last episode of The Mandalorian and Bo-Katan Kryze’s surprise appearance was. The character mainly known for the animated series Rebels and Clone Wars, made his leap to live action with actress Katee Sackhoff who has also been in charge of giving him a voice throughout all the years of the character’s existence.

However, many fans wonder if her brief intervention could be more than just that, a fleeting appearance, or if we will see much more of her and especially if we will know what her relationship is with another key character from the animated series that she herself mentioned. in just one dialogue that was enough to drive all the audience crazy.

Actress Katee Sackhoff spoke to Variety about the topic and many others related to her character. In principle, knowing that the actress had no intention of turning Bo-Katan into someone from real life for any audiovisual. Raised under the concepts of science fiction, and above all a Star Wars fan from her conception, for the actress it was already a dream come true to be able to give voice to a character from this universe.

Bo-Katan The Mandalorian

When he received the call from Jon Favreau, but more importantly, when he found himself in his office and heard him ask if he would like to participate in the project, Sackhoff immediately thought that it was something surreal that he definitely wanted to be a part of.

“I went into his office, sat with him and listened to him talk about how fanatic he was of this world and of Bo-Katan, and it took me a while in the conversation to realize that he was talking about me,” Sackhoff said. And then basically he asked if this was something that would interest me. I think I looked at him like he was crazy, I mean, who would say no to that? It was one of those moments in my career where I was frozen.

However, the appearance of Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian raises many questions, especially about the specifications and stories of a character belonging to an era before the chronology of the series. Recall that the series is located a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi and Bo-Katan’s last appearance was in the animated series Rebels that takes place before A New Hope.

That leaves a great chronology of years in which the character may have had many other adventures that we will likely get to know later in the Disney Plus series. Despite the logic in all this, Sackhoff said he did not know the plans that the producers and scriptwriters have for his character.

Bo-Katan The Mandalorian

“They know this world very well and there were beautiful conversations I had with them about this world and where Bo-Katan has been and where he is going. Only they really know; honestly, not me, “he said. We will have to see what they decide. The fact that something exists in the world in Dave’s mind [Filoni] And your imagination doesn’t mean it will come true because you really live in this world where people are more than characters. Just because there is a backstory doesn’t mean that everyone else knows about it too. ‘

What we do know is that Bo-Katan is on his way to find the darksaber, which probably means going to meet Moff Gideon, the character played by Giancarlo Esposito. Katee Sackhoff did not confirm or deny the assumption, but did say that the audience has to “wait and see”, because he anticipated that much more story about darksaber is to come.

The Mandalorian releases a new episode every Friday through the Disney Plus platform. Now that the service has arrived in Mexico, our country will receive the new chapters at the same time as in other countries. The entire first season and all three episodes of the second are available now.

bo-katan Katee Sackhoff Star Wars The Mandalorian

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