Kate Reinders and Mark St. Cyr describe the ‘High School Musical’ style: “We have a lot of heart but little budget”

Although the stars of ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ are the students of East High School, their teachers are also a huge part of the plot. In fact, without Miss Jenn none of this would have happened. In fact, it will once again be the past of Kate Reinders’ character that marks the second season of the Disney + series. “You cannot escape the past. But you can find a way not to torment you, to accept it and to learn from it“He tells us in the chat he had with us.” Although meeting your ex-boyfriend, who is still extremely handsome and is now the director of the rival institute, may be a bit difficult. “

Derek Hough is one of the great novelties of this new season. The American dancer and television star plays Zack, director of a theater group from another high school that wants to compete for the Alan Menken award for best school musical. That changes Miss Jenn’s plans for the new semester.. Changes are coming at East High, also for Mr. Mazzara, who goes from being the antagonist of Mrs. Jenn in the first season to “considering the merits and values ​​of art”, as Mark St. Cyr himself tells us. . “Sta. Jenn is going to help him by being the guiding light to all things artistic,” says the actor, and she responds: “I just see the little pieces of art all over the world.”


In the first season there was a rapprochement between the two characters and the temperatures rose, but not precisely in the romantic sense. Despite this, there are fans who have baptized the ship of the two “Jennzzara”, and Kate Reinders is surprised that he had not heard: “I had heard Seblos, Rini, but Jennzzara? I had never heard it!”. This is the message he sends to the fans: “I would tell you that if you like Jennzzara … you should watch the second season“.

In addition to talking about more details about the new chapters, which will arrive on Disney + from May 14, the two actors commented on what makes ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ so special. “One of the things that I think is true about ‘High School Musical’ is that we have a lot of heart but we don’t have a lot of budget.. (…) We have all the heart, all the artistic spirit and a tenth of the money that a professional production would have “says Mark St. Cyr. That affection in the face of adversity (economic and otherwise) is what the actor believes that made its mark on the public: “I think what was so good about the first one was that when you watched the series you felt happy to be alive.” In that sense, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ returns with its second season starting May 14 on Disney +.

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