To this day, Kate Middleton would be very angry with Meghan Markle for having divided the royal family since her marriage to Harry.

According to some tabloids, Kate Middleton would not be able to forgive Meghan Markle for causing havoc within the Windsor clan. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Some members of the royal family are still struggling to accept the Megxit … Like Kate Middleton and Prince Williams.

As future sovereigns of the United Kingdom, they would have had difficulty accepting the choice independence of the Sussexes. But that’s not all !

For the English, Meghan Markle and Harry shook the monarchy. And some Britons regret the past and fusional relationship of the two brothers.

To this day, Prince Charles’ sons would no longer really speak to each other. The most skeptical have repeatedly accused Archie’s mom of being the cause of such a disagreement.

And to believe some tabloids, Kate Middleton would never really have carried Meghan Markle in her heart. Very different from each other, the two women would have done nothing to make things right.

Following her union with Prince Harry, the Duchess has very quickly interested the media. So much so that the former American actress would have repeatedly ignored protocol to accentuate the spotlight on her… To the chagrin of her sister-in-law!

Kate Middleton would be very angry with Meghan Markle!

If in the newspapers, the fairy tale seemed idyllic … languages ​​subsequently began to loosen in the tabloids. Employees of the Windsor clan have repeatedly emphasized the Meghan Markle’s “diva” behavior.

The day before her marriage to Prince Harry, she would have annoyed Kate Middleton because of her mood swings. So much so that Prince George’s mother would have raised her voice in front of the Duchess causing stupor among the Windsors.

Stung, Meghan Markle would have subsequently felt “snubbed” by the latter. She also reportedly told her husband who was hurt by the behavior “Freezing” of the Cambridge couple with regard to their sweetheart.

After months of media harassment, the Sussexes then reached a point of no return by acting the famous Megxit.

To this day if Prince William tries to move forward, Kate Middleton would never have recovered the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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