Kate Hudson talks about the controversy in the film

The actress believes that the film has raised a necessary conversation. Photo: HanWay Films | HanWay Films

Despite the controversy generated through the film “Music”, The debut of the singer Sia as a director allowed Kate hudson receive an award nomination Golden globe in the category of « Best Actress in Comedy or Musical ». From his position as a cast member, Hudson has been allowed to speak about the controversy that has surrounded the production in recent months.

It all originates from the role played by the dancer Maddie ziegler, who in the story plays Music, an autistic young woman who is left in the care of her half sister Zu, role played by Hudson.

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In recent months, Sia she has faced a lot of negative comments due to her decision to hire an actress who is not autistic for a character with this condition, in addition to the fact that her performance, according to the accusations, « perpetuates harmful stereotypes about autistic people. »

During his recent appearance on the show Jimmy kimmel, Hudson He assured that the criticism the film faces are actually an adequate opportunity to make an important opinion. « For me, when I hear that there is someone who feels left out, I feel terrible, » said the actress.

« I think that when people see the film they will see a lot of love and sensitivity that was put into it, but it is an important conversation to have, not only about this film, but about the performance as a whole. »

Hudson believes that it is important that when a neurotypical actor represents a neuro divergent person, he or she should not only approach experts in the field who are fully qualified. You should also listen to the voices of those who have the condition to represent.

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After the two nominations of the film in the Golden globes (that of Hudson and in the category of « Best Musical or Comedy Film »), a petition was raised on for these to be withdrawn before the ceremony, which so far has about 100,000 signatures.

In this petition they point out that, for a tape that sells itself as one in support of autistic people, some of its sequences have bright lights and loud sounds that many people in this community could not bear.