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Veronica del Castillo attended a demonstration by coronavirus deniers over the weekend, which they protested against the anti Covid-19 vaccines and the use of the mask.

The sister of Kate del Castillo and his parents, Mr. Eric del Castillo and Ms. Kate Trillo, have exhibited a controversial stance regarding the pandemic of Covid-19.

This, because they have expressed their rejection of the vaccines against him Covid-19 and they have chosen to take a dangerous chemical that is promoted as a preventive against the virus.

Verónica del Castillo: “I came to cover this march to assert our human rights”

The demonstration, called “March for Freedom”, was held on Reforma Avenue, in Mexico City, where Veronica del Castillo He said he had come to defend his human rights.

Through a live broadcast on Instagram, Veronica del Castillo He recognized that the call registered in the deniers’ march was small.

“We are here arriving here at the Estela de Luz, in Reforma, Mexico City. I came to cover this March for Freedom, to assert our human rights. There are few people. It is a march for freedom of choice ”VERÓNICA DEL CASTILLO

Veronica interviewed several protesters, who exhibited their ignorance of government policies, which has allowed citizens to decide whether or not to receive the vaccine.

Thus, the coronavirus deniers demanded that the Mexican authorities respect their free will and their decision not to be vaccinated against it. Covid-19.

Verónica del Castillo interviewed people who asked not to be vaccinated or use the mask

The protesters went further, asking not to comply with the sanitary measures that scientists and authorities have asked to respect to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

The protesters went further, calling not to comply with the sanitary measures that scientists and authorities have asked to respect to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

“I came to support this movement. I think it is very important that all of Mexico inform themselves well because we are very misinformed, very manipulated, so it was a mask, which ends up doing more damage and vaccines, please! They take years to experience them, they are experimenting with us instead of experimenting with rats. Please don’t get vaccinated. do not vaccinate your children, please do not vaccinate anyone. del-castillo-attends-protest-against-the-covid-19-vaccine-in-cdmx% 2F #% 7B% 22ci% 22% 3A0% 2C% 22os% 22% 3A3703.8000000715256% 7D

Verónica del Castillo says “in favor of health”

Finally, Veronica de Castillo published on his Instagram account a photo of his participation in the march with the following message:

“In favor of life, freedom, health, democracy, and solidarity @marien_barrientos_glz @lmghigliazza @santiago_lt #worldwidedemonstration #freedomofspeech #freedomofchoice # wwg1wgaworldwide” VERÓNICA DEL CASTILLO


The publications of Veronica del Castillo generated comments found in networks. Some have thanked him for spreading conspiracy theories.

Other netizens reproach Veronica del Castillo for spreading information that can cause deaths and they have even dared to classify it as a “covidiote”.

While his sister continues with her controversial stance on Covid-19, Kate del Castillo He presumed weeks ago that he had already received the vaccine against the virus in the United States.

Source: SDP

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