Kate del Castillo reveals that she thought they would take her by force

Kate del Castillo reveals that she thought they would take her by force (Reformation)

Kate del Castillo reveals that she thought they would take her by force | Reform

The talented and beautiful actress Kate del Castillo has confessed details about her meeting with a feared Sinaloan businessman that brought her fame, but very bad.

The beautiful protagonist of La Reina del Sur revealed her fears; among them that he thought that Mr. Guzmán would make her his against his will when he saw her in front of him.

Kate del Castillo It has been very marked by this situation that it experienced; However, she has always presented herself with her face tall and showing that she has nothing to hide.

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I thought he would rape me, assured the famous actress.

The daughter of Éric del Castillo recalled for Red Table Talk: The Estefan that meeting that she lived five years ago and that she remembers as it would have been yesterday, in which she met Mr. Guzmán, a character that marked her life and placed her name in the headlines Worldwide.

Kate del Castillo she told Lili Estefan that day when she finally found herself in the territories of the feared businessman, who ended up authorizing her to make her biographical film.

The actress, who was accompanied by the famous American Sean PennShe ended up being alone with the Sinaloan businessman, something that really made her fearful for her integrity and her life.

The protagonist of The Queen of the South revealed to Estefan that it was Mr. Guzmán who took her arm that night and led her to her room, which increased her concern.

Ch @ p0 took you to the room where you were going to sleep that night, Lili Estefan pointed out for the famous actress to continue the story.

The actress showed her concern in those moments, where she assured that the enigmatic character could have done what he pleases with it; something that tormented her.

I thought I was going to quit and then something like that would go away. And you know something, he could have done anything he wanted, what could I do, shared the famous.

Del Castillo revealed that he proposed to the Sinaloan businessman to donate the proceeds from his biographical film to those who have lost a relative due to their business, something that Mr. Guzmán applauded.

He said, ‘That’s what I like about you, let’s do it, added Kate del Castillo.

She shared that the businessman was quite respectful to her and after the brief conversation he suggested sleeping, something she did placidly and without removing many clothes. The next morning he woke up with all the adrenaline as there was a loud knock on the door. According to the talented actress, they indicated that they should get out of there, since they had given the “whistle” of the location of Mr. Guzmán.

The actor Sean Penn interviewed the businessman for Rolling Stone and this interview was the one that put both celebrities in the eye of the hurricane. Kate del Castillo She felt betrayed by her companion, since the material was authorized for her to handle.

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The photographs of Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn next to this character quickly went viral and the problems began for the actress. Del Castillo lasted a long time in the United States for fear of Mexico and the reprisals against him.

The actress was also pointed out as the person responsible for this character finally being arrested and extradited to the United States.

Despite the difficult situation, the protagonist of the series Telemundo He showed that his integrity and talent are stronger and he resumed his artistic career; currently her fans are eager for a new season of Queen of the South and Kate continues to shine.