Kashima Antlers win 5-3 at Yokohama F. Marinos and take all three points

05/15/2021 at 10:06 AM CEST

The Kashima antlers added three points to his scoreboard after winning 5-3 against him Yokohama F. Marinos this saturday in the Kashima Soccer Stadium. The Kashima antlers He arrived with the intention of reaping a new victory after winning the last two matches of the competition. The most recent was against FC Tokyo in his stadium (3-0) and the other against him Yokohama away from home (0-3). On the part of the visiting team, the Yokohama F. Marinos won the Vissel Kobe at home by 2-0 and previously he also did away from home, against the FC Tokyo 0-3 and had a four-game winning streak. With this defeat the team of Yokohama was placed in fourth position after the end of the match, while the Kashima antlers is eighth.

The first team to score was the Yokohama F. Marinos, which premiered the luminous thanks to a goal from Onaiwu in the 25th minute. However, Kashima’s team reacted in the contest by making it 1-1 with a goal of Doi in the 40th minute. The local team scored again, turning the score around establishing the 2-1 by means of a new goal from Doi just before the final whistle, specifically at minute 46, ending the first half with a 2-1 score.

The second half of the game started in an unbeatable way for him Kashima antlers, which increased his scoring account with respect to his rival with another Doi, thus getting a hat-trick in the 52nd minute. The home team scored again in the 55th minute with a goal from Araki. But later the visiting team reduced distances putting the 4-2 through a double goal of Onaiwu in the 74th minute. However, Kashima’s team distanced themselves through a goal of Ueda in minute 77. The set of Yokohama with a goal from By hand moments before the final whistle, at 90, thus closing the match with a final score of 5-3.

The technician of the Kashima antlers, Naoki soma, gave entry to the field to Juan Alano, Ueda, Diego Pituca Y Koizumi replacing Doi, Yuta matsumura, Shirasaki Y Araki, while on the part of the Yokohama F. Marinos, Ange Postecoglou replaced Watanabe, By hand, Ceara, Koike, Mizunuma and Iwata for Matsubara, Marcos Junior, Ogihara, Kida, Elber Y Hatanaka.

The referee showed a total of four cards: one yellow to the Kashima antlers (Tsunemoto) and two to Yokohama F. Marinos (Ogihara Y Elber). In addition, there was a red card, specifically to Tsunemoto (2 yellows) by the home team.

With 21 points, the Kashima antlers from Naoki soma was ranked eighth in the general table at the end of the match, while the team led by Ange Postecoglou it was placed in fourth place with 27 points.

The next day Kashima’s team will play at home against the Sagan tosu, Meanwhile he Yokohama F. Marinos He will seek triumph in his fiefdom in front of the Kashiwa Reysol.

Data sheetKashima Antlers:Oki, Machida, Inukai, Nagato, Tsunemoto, Léo Silva, Misao, Shirasaki (Diego Pituca, min.79), Yuta Matsumura (Ueda, min.66), Araki (Koizumi, min.90) and Doi (Juan Alano, min. .66)Yokohama F. Marinos:Takaoka, Hatanaka (Iwata, min.87), Martins, Bunmathan, Matsubara (Watanabe, min.58), Ogihara (Ceará, min.58), Kida (Koike, min.58), Marcos Júnior (Amano, min.58 ), Maeda, Elber (Mizunuma, min.82) and OnaiwuStadium:Kashima Soccer StadiumGoals:Onaiwu (0-1, min. 25), Doi (1-1, min. 40), Doi (2-1, min. 46), Doi (3-1, min. 52), Araki (4-1, min. 55), Onaiwu (4-2, min. 74), Ueda (5-2, min. 77) and Amano (5-3, min. 90)

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