It is not usual for someone in the world of tennis to discredit what was said by Roger Federer, but in an extreme situation such as that derived from the coronavirus, the nerves are on the surface and there are many tennis players whose needs and aspirations differ greatly from the opinion expressed by the Swiss a few weeks ago. In the interview that caused such a stir to reveal that he is not training and that he does not especially miss tennis, Roger showed his reluctance to play without an audience and even suggested that tennis should not be resumed until there could be a certain capacity in the stands .

05/22/2020 08:05

Curious words of the Swiss, who admitted not seeing a clear objective and was against playing tournaments without an audience in the stands.

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With the US Open 2020 and Roland Garros 2020 Looking for piece-rate solutions in order to move the tournament forward and provide the opportunity for players to compete, in addition to generating certain financial income, these statements can be shocking. This is how he perceived it Karolina Pliskova, a heavyweight on the circuit WTA who raised his voice and clamored to explore all possible options to play an official tournament, whether with or without the public, discrediting the personal opinion of the Basel, in words collected by TheAge.

“It will always be better to be able to compete, even without an audience, than not to play anything. In tennis we can afford to have great games without people in the stands; in fact, it is something that many women are used to because we play important matches with Very little public at times.Also when the day is lengthened, there are many games that are played just without an audience, that does not have to affect performance. Roger doesn’t know that feeling and it is evident that he has a very different perspective due to this, but definitely, I think that we should look for any minimum gap that allows us to play, “said the Czech.

It seems evident that there are certain urgencies on the part of some tennis players to return to the court, not shared by a Roger Federer who wants to take it easier. Karolina Pliskova It has proven to be combative in this quarantine, after harshly charging those who seek to break with equal pay for men and women. We do not know how it will come out of this break tennis, but the Czech can become an opinion leader within the circuit WTA.