Karol Sevilla invoked demons to achieve fame and be part of Soy Luna, they say | Disney

They assure that the famous actress Karol Sevilla He used a letter as a ritual to summon the demons and grant him the role with which he entered the Disney series.

20-year-old Seville was allegedly exhibited by a member of the same religion that he professes, Palo Mayombe, an ancient and dark Afro-Cuban religion.

The singer has shared that it was difficult to achieve her current success in various interviews, but a source revealed to TvNotas that it is all due to witchcraft.

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According to the famous magazine article, the source knows the young woman and her family quite well because they are members of the same religion.

He shared that religion has Santeria by the hand; however, it is not the same, they pay tribute to the gods and demons, but not to the saints, just as the santeros do.

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She said it was a few years ago that hard work began to make her famous in her acting career.

He assured that with the help of other people, Karol’s mother worked with the producers they were getting to obtain soap operas and series, the strongest was necessary for the leading role in I’m Luna.

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The person commented that bulls, 100 chickens, goats, a rabbit, a dog and a snake were sacrificed to achieve this work.

He added that it was necessary for the actress to write a letter with all her wishes and be part of the ritual, to achieve fame and success.