Karol G in mini shorts is applauded by her fans for showing herself as she is | Instagram

Colombian singer Karol G has managed to be flattered by millions showing as it is without any editionBecause he showed some of his cellulite, in mini shorts he managed to give a message of self-love.

Little by little, more artists are choosing not to show themselves with a complete edition, since the entertainment world has always tried present perfect figures, something that apparently is no longer in the present.

Karol G the day before yesterday was the center of attention by showing himself as is posing without any penalty to show off your cellulite, because although on stage it seems that it is completely perfect, it shows that not all women are.

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The singer published in her official account of Instagram a pretty summery photo wearing a pink mini shorts with red hearts print and a red top letting appreciate its great front attributes.

Karol G in this way showed without worries that she has cellulite in the thigh area, thus showing that the woman must have self-confidence and do not get carried away by the comments of other people.

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Photography quickly caught the attention of its more than 30 million followers and to this day it has more than 2 million likes and thousands of comments where they do not stop praising her.

Bebecita « , » Linda mi amor « , » Enamoras « , » She is simply a Goddess « , » The most preciousaaaa, I adore you « , » My sweet princess « , » Colombian beauty « , were some of the comments.

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It is worth mentioning that Karol G has managed to position itself as one of the favorite latin singers within urban music.

This is thanks to the fact that with his great musical successes he has reached the best lists popularity in recent years.

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Also recently released his latest single of this year, « Oh Lord« , filling everyone with a good vibe, because with the pandemic the days have passed gray and nothing is like before, so music is something that comes to cheer the soul.

This song was intended to be released in the last month of Aprilbut Karol shared that he felt that it was not the timeSo we finally got to hear his great new song after a few months of waiting.