Karol G and his viral phrase Do you locate it?

Karol G’s viral phrase, a phrase that we all have or should have as a mantra, thank you Karol G, because not only do you give us and give us the best music that practically everything you sing you make it a success, but you also support us with your motivational phrases to leave the toxins that do not contribute to our life.

Karol G in his tiktok account, uploaded very valuable content, Karol G appears on the beach with his blue hair combined with green and yellow, a dreamy hair that really inspires you, we can see the Bichota very happy enjoying the sun with Some lenses that surely have already become fashionable because you can literally see them in every store.

Karol G uploaded a video in a fluorescent bikini saying, “Because for what it does not work, bichotas do not cry mommy” and we really tell you, many women have said these phrases to overcome and give themselves courage to no longer be there available for a person who did not know how to value you.

And let’s be honest, how many times a man or a woman were not truly valued and they make you feel bad, they change you for another person, they blame you unnecessarily, they blackmail you, they play psychologically with your mind, with your heart, with your emotions. They only speak to you when they want and you keep them faithful and eternal mourning.

NOT!! The bichota, our beloved Karol G would be disappointed if she sees you crying for a person who more than does not serve, because it is not literal but metaphorical, it refers rather to saying, it does not fill you, it does not do you good, it does not contribute to your life , It does not add, instead of adding, it only takes away and takes away your energy, that every time you talk to that person, or text, or answer their messages, you start to have anxiety, it confuses you, blah blah blah, the never-ending story finish.

Friend, realize, you don’t have to put up with these things, Karol G makes it clear to you! Because for what it does not work, bichotas do not cry mommy! Please pay attention, stop devaluing yourself, there is nothing more important than your self-esteem and your dignity, so if someone is trampling on those two aspects along with your peace of mind, that’s not it, and not only do we tell you this, but also Karol G.