Karlie Kloss unveils her new collaboration with a sports brand

After becoming a mom in mid-March, Karlie Kloss resumed her activities as a model and brand ambassador.

Karlie Kloss returns to work three months after having welcomed her baby and she seems quite inspired and happy with the direction her life is taking.

Karlie Kloss shows off her legs with envy during a walk with her baby

The 28-year-old supermodel has been collaborating with Adidas since December 2020 and after having a first approach that left a good taste for both parties, they decided to make a second collection for the fall / winter of this year.

Inspired by her son Joseph Levi, Karlie has once again had a whirlwind of creative ideas that have led her to have the best attitude at work. Now that he has been away from the catwalks, he has valued even more comfortable clothes but that still stylize and give comfort.

Irina Shayk and Karlie Kloss organize a playdate with their children

That is why the new sports line that he helped to design is different from the one he made in the past, since at that time he was a few months away from giving birth and this time he has run into the changes that the arrival of a new member implies: from sleeping less, to seeking external motivation to continue exercising.

This joy is manifested in the colors, which can well be seen as shades that are safe and easy to combine, but at the same time inject vitality into those who wear these functional garments made in a sustainable way.

Under the slogan “we are the force of nature”, her new campaign aims to go even further than the first and the expected achievements have Karlie full of enthusiasm, who in addition to having shared a video and photographs on her Instagram, took selfies during the campaign presentation.

Now we see that everything she learned during her pregnancy has been applied in the collection, because while the body changes what we want the most is to continue to have support and confidence in the garments that we wear; as she herself said: “a good crop is everything”.

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