Karlie Kloss shows off her legs with envy during a walk with her baby

After a few months of becoming a mom, Karlie Kloss is enjoying every moment with her first baby.

Karlie Kloss and her two-month-old baby went out for a walk on a sunny afternoon in which the supermodel wore a two-piece outfit, top and skirt by Reformation.

As Karlie walked comfortably in her $ 296 Repetto flats, she was pushing the $ 5,064 Dior stroller on which her son Levi Joseph was resting and lightly basking in the sun.

Suddenly, a gust of wind played a trick on her and opened the slit in her skirt wide, exposing her sculpted legs without worrying her in the least.

The afternoon was so pleasant that Karlie and Joseph continued on their way home to Miami, when just a few days ago the model shared an emotional message congratulating her mother, now grandmother Tracy Kloss.

The name and date of birth of her baby were revealed by Karlie herself on her Instagram account, after she and her husband were captured in photographs with a friend and their baby.

Although the exterior was truly awe-inspiring, Karlie also kept an eye on her cell phone, perhaps responding to messages or taking pictures of her new love.

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