Karla Panini, they assure would open his heart to Laura Bozzo: No one believes me | Instagram

Karla Panini opened her heart to the Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo after revealing the pain she feels after the fact that « people do not believe in her, » they say.

According to some media, they noted that in recent days, the driver Laura Bozzo finally had the opportunity to interview both Karla Panini as well as his partner Américo Garza who showed the best disposition to speak on topics that had not been addressed in more depth.

During this talk, the Monterrey driver Karla Panini and her partner would have shown a different attitude since after pointing out on multiple occasions that they lead a quiet life without paying attention to the critics, who have gone directly about her in recent months, the reality is that it does affect them greatly measure.

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Deep down, the exlavandera seems to care more than she has tried to pretend since after opening up with the host of « Laura Sin Censura », Bozzo, Karla Panini He seemed to be trying to seek forgiveness from Mexicans.

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For weeks they had been commenting that the couple would be one of the first guests for the driver’s program, so this opportunity was given in the new program of « Laura uncensored« where they tried to touch topics that in other interviews they had not touched, the « comare guera » made it clear from the beginning that in this story there are no angels or demons.

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However, in this meeting there were no transcendental revelations, however, Panini revealed something that ensures « has been denying at this time » after being questioned by Laura Bozzo Regarding what hurt the most of said situation, the Monterrey region accepted her frustration.

What hurt me the most was losing my friend, because she was my friend, my sister, and it also hurt me to lose the credibility of the people, because when they applauded me before today they hate me.  »

Karla Panini and Karla Luna, members of the famous Las Lavanderas show. Instagram

As to Americo GarzaHe also gave a version of the story and pointed out that they did not disrespect Karla Luna since when they started their relationshipHe and the brunette comare had already parted on good terms.

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For his part, Karla Panini she hinted she feels desperate, she no longer knows what else to do, because according to her perception, she has done nothing to anyone, the former driver reveals that with her story it seems that she did her country even harm.

Wedding between Karla Panini and Américo Garza. Instagram