Voice of Karla Luna causes a stir in an interview with her children, it is from the beyond, they assure | Instagram

A recent interview with the oldest children of Karla Luna It has caused a stir after they assure, his voice is heard from beyond. « 

Internet users noticed a supposed voice heard during the chat with the children of the exlavandera, a murmur, a sigh and a very low voice that says « save them » were enough for netizens to take it with a message from Karla from the place where he is today since his departure.

The step of Karla Luna to eternal life he has been surrounded by scandals and disputes between his family, and his last wish that « his children grow together » has not been fulfilled.

However, the recent discovery has put the « Chinese skin » on everyone after they ensure Karla Luna calls for help for her youngest daughters.

#Repost @ rubenluna19 (@get_repost) ・ ・ ・ You celebrated my sister Estephany’s birthday, you celebrated my sister’s birthday Victoria you celebrated my birthday you celebrated my sister’s birthday Sara we celebrate your birthday it is clear to me that my mother if I wait for death standing and that you fought to the last breath like a warrior, without a hint of fear planting yourself like any other adversity in the past, that is worth admiring for anyone, those guts that many people lack. Personally, before thinking only about death, it gave me chills but when I saw your way of facing it and when I realized that after death there is eternal life and the reunion with you mother I hope to fulfill my purpose on this earth soon. Meanwhile I will be your reflection I will carry your essence and your legacy with me to instruct my sisters, family and close friends, with the love and happiness that always characterize you. Every morning one more day, one less day, you have to live each moment as if it were the last one, because we do not know if we will survive and in this world we all have a loved one that we love, we idolize that we have as a shield so when they finish reading this, go hug him and kiss him, take advantage of every moment every second because life is a parody full of irony for something the funeral homes are open 24 hours a day. « Whoever leaves alone does not die, who forgets dies ». Soon I will accompany you, meanwhile I will fulfill the mission I have here, I love you mother, see you later. Thank you very much for so much love towards my mother for your words of encouragement and accompany me in my pain I send you a big hug God bless you all Remember my Mother as the fucking woman who was why like few of them in the world and I thank her God for sharing one of his most beautiful angels in life, now he will take care of us from heaven. If my mother ever came to touch her heart with her words of encouragement or came to change your mood with her comedy, today she makes us cry with her departure but be sure that she is resting peacefully in our father’s arms and from there it will take care of all of us.

A post shared by Karlita Luna (@karlalunatv) on Oct 16, 2017 at 4:57 PDT

It was after an interview from the program « Today« to the comedian’s first-born for her first mourning anniversary in 2018During the talk they touched on the topic of separating the girls he had with Americo Garza from her maternal family.

It is in the second 8 of the clip, where it is possible to perceive in the distance, an alleged whisper of a woman that users did not take long to assure it is the voice of Karla who despite being no longer in this world, they point out tries to prevent their little ones from growing up far from their family.

It should be remembered that currently the youngest daughters of Moon are in the custody of their father, Americo Garza and his current wife, Karla Panini, who was a former collaborator of Karla Luna on the Las Lavanderas show.

Likewise, the father of the minors, Americo Garza who recently was called before him DIF After all the controversy that has been unleashed around the subject, he revealed that on some occasions it has been himself who has sought the family of his ex wife so that they see the girls, however, he points out, they have not accepted their conditions and the minors are very sensitive after seeing them, he noted in a past Tv Notes interview.

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