The two fighters would have reached an agreement with Impact Wrestling to be able to fight at NJPW.

NJPW would be the Japanese company of fighters and Impact Wrestling would be the American company.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson sign with NJPW

As we have already reported, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson had signed a very lucrative contract with Impact Wrestling, but now it seems that the fighters have also reached an agreement with the Japanese company, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The Impact Wrestling deal after their departure from WWE in April this year will not only bring them a good contract financially, but also included the possibility that both wrestlers could go to Japan to fight with the company. Japanese.

Is news of NJPW fighters’ contract signing confirmed by Dave Meltzer

“The agreement with Impact Wrestling will allow them to also work in New Japan. In fact, they’ve already closed New Japan’s deal with Gedo and Nobuyuki Sugabayashi, though it probably won’t go into effect until the New Japan hiring freeze ends, so they will likely have two separate contracts, and Impact made it clear that they would work around of their Japanese dates «.

This is great news for all wrestling fans where Gallows and Anderson could start a rivalry with The North for the couples titles as soon as they debut on Impact Wrestling and they could also return to the Bullet Club at NJPW where they were already part of it during the time that Prince Devitt and AJ Styles were as leaders of it.

The idea of ​​the company right now is that fighters to debut at upcoming PPV Slammiversary to be held on July 18 or on recordings after it.

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