Fault confessed is half redressed. Friday September 11, 2020, Karine Le Marchand was the guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in the program C à vous broadcast on France 5. Coming to present the new season of Love is in the meadow which will begin on Monday September 14, the great friend of Stéphane Plaza revealed an unspeakable secret. It must be said that in the midst of a health crisis linked to the coronavirus, television sets are having a hard time adapting to barrier gestures. On this subject, the flagship presenter of the sixth channel confided her amazement when she learned that one of the people present on the set of France has an incredible talent had tested positive for Covid-19. Instead of carrying out a few days of quarantine, Karine Le Marchand proposed to … do not tell anyone!

“I said to myself: We don’t say it, no one knows!”

It is without blushing, with a smile on her lips, that Karine Le Marchand recounted her story: “Three weeks ago, we arrived, we had done a test two days before. The public was in the room, there was artists who had come from all over the world … I was made up, I had my microphone. And everyone was tested, the technicians, the artists, 250 people and people from the public! And there on D-Day we are told: ‘There is a case among the team, we stop.’ So I said: ‘No, we’re not stopping! We don’t say it, no one knows! ‘ I was in a panic, I said: ‘We don’t say, there is only one! We’re going … “, she explained to the amazement and laughter of the columnists and guests around the table.

Seeing the yellow smile of her neighbor on the right, Bruno Megarbane, head of the intensive care unit at the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, Karine Le Marchand tries to justify herself: “But I am a producer too, I said to myself: ‘All this money, there is no insurance!“‘For his interlocutor, shocked, the disaster could have been avoided:” If you had taken, during the whole filming, the necessary measures of distancing, there would have been no risk. “Fortunately for the host, the postponement of the shoot was only a few weeks and it was finally able to make its comeback on RTL and on M6!

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