On the set of C à vous Friday, September 11, Karine Le Marchand was invited to react to the controversy provoked by Nicolas Sarkozy the day before. The host insisted on defending him.

A “strange amalgamation” for some, a clearly racist exit for others. Guest on the Quotidien set on Thursday September 10, Nicolas Sarkozy associated the words “monkeys” and “niggers”. The former President of the Republic, who came to promote his memories, then criticized “this will of the elites, who pinch their noses, who are like monkeys who do not listen to anyone”, when he stopped for throwing : “I don’t know anymore, can we say ‘monkey’?” He went on to refer to the novel byAgatha christie, the Ten Little Negroes, renamed They were ten. “Because … we don’t have the right to say the … What do we say? ‘The ten little soldiers’ now? Is that it? Yeah … She’s making the company progress.”, concluded Nicolas Sarkozy. Since he made these comments, he has been at the heart of a lively controversy to which he has not yet reacted.

On the set of C to you the next day, Karine Le Marchand was invited to react to this speech deemed racist by many politicians. “I do not agree with all that, began the host of M6. I think that controversies take too much space in communication and prevent the bottom of thoughts.” She went on to mention more particularly the husband of Carla Bruni. “Nicolas Sarkozy, you can blame him whatever you want, he is not racist”, assured Karine Le Marchand, who finds “boring” the fact of polemic: “It gives importance to those who denounce too, it also puts them back on the front of the stage. I’m sorry and I don’t care what people say , I am concerned by the situation, I interviewed Nicolas Sarkozy, I had lunch with him to talk about what I wanted to do next “.

Audrey Pulvar castigates “pure and deep racism”

“I am not friends with Nicolas Sarkozy, wanted to explain Karine Le Marchand on the C board to you. I can’t say he’s racist, that’s not true. I do not think so.” Unlike the host, many personalities were very annoyed after the passage of Nicolas sarkozy in Daily. In particular the former journalist and new deputy to the mayor of Paris Audrey Pulvar who castigated a “pure and deep racism, uninhibited, natural” on the part of the former president who put “an equal sign between ‘negro’ and ‘monkey’, in an abysmal silence, without contradiction”. For his part, Nicolas sarkozy did not react and was content to publish extracts of his passage on TMC in which he paid tribute to Aimé Césaire, “a truly remarkable man”, and where she explained that “there is nothing that goes out of fashion more than the new world”.

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Karine Le Marchand
On the set of C to you Friday September 11

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Nicolas sarkozy
At the Filigranes bookstore in Brussels on September 3, 2020


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Info – Karine Le Marchand is the new presenter of the show “La France a un incredible talent” – Karine Le Marchand at the premiere of “Com …
At the premiere of “Comme des Bêtes 2” at the Max Linder Panorama cinema. Paris, June 19, 2019

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Nicolas sarkozy
July 24, 2020 in Ajaccio, CORSE, FRANCE

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Karine Le Marchand (sponsor of the CNDP (National Commission for Public Debate) and host of the show “Love is in the meadow”) at the 57th salon …
At the 57th International Agricultural Show at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris, France, February 23, 2020


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Nicolas sarkozy
Funeral for Pascal Clément in Saint-Pierre church in Neuilly sur Seine on June 25, 2020.

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Nicolas sarkozy
During the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the victory of May 8, 1945 in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier