Karen Vega, the Oaxacan model makes history in modeling for Vogue magazine | Instagram

Karen Vega, the Oaxacan model makes history in modeling for Vogue magazine

Karen Vega, the Oaxacan model makes history in modeling for Vogue magazine

Karen Vega, 18, just made history as the first model oaxaqueña to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine.

The young woman became interested in modeling at 14 years, after trying on the dresses that his grandfather’s wife made for a local fashion firm, he detailed Vogue Mexico on his official Instagram account.

I am very grateful for this invitation and for trusting me, I have learned how important it is to be proud of who and how I am, « Vega wrote along with the photos that were taken for the July cover and shared on Instagram.

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The news became a trend on social networks, mainly in Twitter, because the fashion industry has been marked by stereotypes of beauty and racial prejudice. The step taken by the fashion magazine, one of the most internationally recognized, is a challenge to status quo in which the covers with models of white complexion and blonde hair predominate.

Karen Vega started in the world of professional modeling at the invitation of the Oaxacan designer Pompi García and the photographer Enrique Leyva.

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The Mexican was photographed for Vogue by Dorian Ulises López Macías. In the post, she shares about the best advice she’s gotten to turn around abuse, the high standards of modeling in Mexico and what you would like to see change in the industry.

Oaxacan actress Yalitza Aparicio starred on Vogue cover in December 2018.

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On the other hand, the model today
Karen Vega He revealed some details in an interview with the magazine in which he starred, about his first experiences in modeling.

He detailed how his beginnings were in the fascinating world of the catwalks, the 18-year-old girl participated in the project  »
Magical realism”Which he pointed out had a very good acceptance and they liked him very much.

After Pompi García and Enrique Leyva launched their own modeling agency with local talent called  »
Thorn Talent« , with the idea of ​​representing young Oaxacans with a passion for modeling.

The model comments, « she did not hesitate to join this agency, » as she reveals, « she was very anxious to discover what was beyond. »

Subsequently, the invitation came from the Mexican firm « Barragán » to participate in its parade
Fall-Winter 2020 in Mexico City, details the publication of the famous magazine